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Signs and symptoms of skin cancer can vary based on its types and perspectives. Different types of skin cancer show different signs and symptoms. In some contexts, the symptoms of different skin cancers can be partly similar. Some symptoms are visible with open eyes and some aren’t. In the article, you will find some common symptoms of different skin cancers.

Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)

This is one of the most common skin cancers that usually affect neck, face, finger, chest, scalp, and arms. In addition, you can find it in any parts of your body. Every year millions of people all over the world die due to the Basal Cell Carcinoma skin cancer. The most common symptoms of the skin cancer are:

  • Reddish patch of dry skin
  • Pink, red, and brown colored abnormal lumps
  • Rough and itching pimples
  • Bleeding from sores
  • Flesh may be hard or rough
  • Scar in pimples with irregular bleeding

Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC)

This is another malignant and life threatening form of the skin cancer that causes millions of death every year. Around 10% patients are diagnosis with the particular type of skin cancer. It can appear at any parts of body including neck, face, hand, armpit, arm, chick, and scalp etc. In addition, it can appear inside the mouth, lip, or genital. Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) shows some common signs and symptoms such as

  • Reddish hard bump, patch, and lump
  • Open sore that itches and bleeds
  • Scaly patch in the lip and mouth
  • Pearl-shaped growth of lumps and moles

Malignant melanoma:

This is the most serious form of skin cancer that causes millions of death every year across the world. Although melanoma is life threatening, it is curable with proper surgery and treatment. The most common symptoms and signs of the skin cancer are:

  • A growing mole with changing color
  • A mole that itches and bleeds
  • New moles with pain, itching and bleeding

Note: Never ignore any of these signs and skin cancer symptoms to save your life from the life threatening disease.

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If you are a cat owner, you can purchase a smartcat ultimate scratching post to provide a suitable scratching and clawing ground for your kitten. Sometimes, you may be disturbed with the innate scratching habit of your beloved kitten, but never forget that scratching is useful for both mind and body of your cat. For the following reasons you can purchase a smartcat ultimate scratching post for your cat.

To make them communicative

To sharpen their nails

For exercise

To feel good

Veterinarians believe that scratching posts can be the best scratching grounds for kitten. And scratching is inborn and essential habit of cat.

To make them communicative:

With a smartcat ultimate scratching post you can make your beloved kitten communicative and social. Different studies show that scratching and clawing work as the language of pet. Scratching on smartcat ultimate scratching post your kitten can express its demand.

To sharpen their nails:

This is another important reason for what you can choose a smartcat ultimate scratching post for your lovely cat. Scratching is the best way to sharpen nails. But it may be tiresome and disgusting for you when your cat scratches on your valuable indoor furniture. So, use the smartcat ultimate scratching post to sharpen the nails of your kitten.

For exercise:

Scratching is an important exercise for pet. You can install indoor smartcat ultimate scratching post to offer your cat an enjoyable exercising ground.

To feel good:

Scratching on a smartcat ultimate scratching post your cat can feel good. It is beneficial both for body and mind of your cute kitten.

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Fine wine delivery is one of the largest and successful wine delivery companies of New Zealand. People prefer the company to purchase quality bottles of wine at affordable price. This online wine retailer has been delivering quality and tasty wine over the years. You can get your preferred bottles of wine in your hand remaining at office or home. Let’s find more about the fine wine delivery company:


Fine wine delivery company is situated in 42 Lunn Avenue, Auckland City, New Zealand. In 1997, Jaff and family built the company in order to providing absolutely tasty wine at the most possible affordable price. Fine wine delivery company believes in quality drinking and better life.

Shopping terms and conditions of the company:

Fine wine Delivery Company has been providing quality liquor over the decades maintaining customers’ interest and preference. In addition, this company is highly aware about health factors of wine consumers. Fine wine delivery co. never sells wine and beer to the customers who are under 18. And the company requests customers who are under 18 not to visit the site.

Delivery deadline:

Fine wine delivery company makes sure same day delivery within the most possible time. This company deliveries wine orders across the New Zealand by courier. You can find your wine bottle on your time at your expected time. While ordering, just inform your address instructions. You can make fine wine delivery through mail or over the telephone number of the company. No extra charge for delivery within New Zealand.


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Loan repayment calculator can be quite helpful to find out the best and affordable mortgage option. This tool is quite beneficial when you are looking for home loan to make sure a safe living for your beloved family members. Loan repayment calculator is used to work out an affordable amount of mortgage, mortgage rate, and monthly mortgage repayment. Let’s find out the benefits of a loan repayment calculator.

Calculating interest rate:

If you are concerned to find an affordable mortgage rate from your lender, use a loan payment mortgage calculator to calculate interest rate. Using the calculator you can determine whatever your existing mortgage rate is affordable or not. Different lenders demand different mortgage rates for their borrowers. You need to find the best one among these interest rates to avoid any types of mortgage mismanagement.

Figuring out an amount of affordable mortgage:

Loan repayment mortgage calculator is a great tool to determine how much amount of home loan is affordable to borrow. It will help you like a mortgage professional to take a cost-effective decision on home loan mortgage. There are many borrowers who aren’t prudent to determine their amount of mortgage. In a result, they fall in difficulties to pay their monthly mortgage payment. So, use a loan repayment calculator to determine an affordable amount of mortgage keeping harmony with your monthly income and annual savings.

Conducting comparison between two loan types:

A loan repayment calculator is helpful not only to determine mortgage amount but also to compare different mortgage types. Mortgage professionals recommend leading a comparison between two mortgage types to find the best one. Without comparison you cannot realize what the best and profitable mortgage is for you. So, use a loan mortgage calculator to conduct a comparison of different loan types.

Figuring out monthly repayment:

This is the foremost job of a loan repayment calculator. Loan mortgage calculators are usually used to estimate monthly mortgage repayment. You need to know about your mortgage repayment to determine total costs against a home loan mortgage. Providing some relevant information you can measure your monthly mortgage repayment. The amount of monthly mortgage repayment can vary based on types of mortgage and rates of mortgage.

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Government’s initiatives and low interest rates helped to promote real estate market in New Zealand in 2010. Want of enough housing supply for the increasing number of population in New Zealand was a great problem during the year. But the emergence of a real estate Company in New Zealand brought a balance between the increasing amount of population and housing crisis. In different studies, it is found that the rate of land and house is increasing at steady manner but continuously. According to the real estate institute of New Zealand around 6.1% house rate has increased at the end of 2009. And this rate is consecutively increasing every year.

During 2008, the price of real estate properties decreased in greater extent as the negative impact of global crisis on New Zealand. People lost their ability to purchase new land and house for the economic recession. However, at the end of 2008 to in the early in 2009 the government took some effective measures to cover this hard situation in the real estate market. For example, in December 2008, New Zealand government unveiled a 7 billion dollar package to rejuvenate the lost economic condition. In 2009 another economic package of 500 million dollars was distributed to the state-owned school, college, hospitals, and road projects.

Both the private and public real estate New Zealand companies and shareholders were benefited with these initiatives. And the economic cooperation of state life insurance agency helped to enhance the importance of real estate companies in the GDP of New Zealand. Due to the strong commodity market and tourism the rate of real estate properties is increasing at a greater extent in urban areas. During 2009, in Wellington the house and land prices increase around about 9.8%. This is figure was existent in Auckland and Christchurch. Construction and housing demand for the increasing migrant population is also increasing the rate of real estate in New Zealand.

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English language training course is essential to take preparation for the study overseas. If you want to study in Australia, England, and America, an English language training course is mandatory. It helps you to promote your skill in English language especially in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Language preparation is essential to prove your efficiency in the foreign language. Sometimes, it seems difficult to take a language preparation by the own effort and it requires assistance of a professional language teacher. You can contact with your nearby language training center to take language preparation.

English language training course is essential to increase your ability in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. When you are struggling to have a comprehensive preparation in the English language, a trainer can help you to be successful in the race. The English language training course provides guidelines of the communication to the local people. Most of the international students fall into a great problem of conversation with the native people because of their weakness in English language. You will find skilled trainer in the English language training center who can help you to overcome this particular problem.

Besides, the English language training course in preparation for the overseas study inform students about the ways of life, culture, geography, and common values of the America, England, and Australia. The course is designed to target the specific country, nation and the university. You can find details about the area of overseas study application with the help of a trainer. A variety of techniques and methods are applied to make students prepared for the overseas study. If you are a student of under graduation level it is the high time to make you prepared for the overseas study. Don’t spoil your time, take the English language training course and make you prepared for the study in America, Australia, and England.

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Are you looking for the big men jeans? Then pass few minutes and review the article. Here I will introduce you with some top qualities’ big men jeans. You know for many years jeans have been used as the most important item of the modern lifestyle. People prefer jeans to make their appearance more attractive to the onlookers. Unfortunately, people who are with the corpulent figure fall into massive difficulties to find the perfect sized jeans. Even going to the shopping they become disheartened not having quality large size jeans for them. So, let’s find some quality large sized jeans:

CJ 2631 Whiskered Jeans are available in the retailing markets and online shops with multiple colors and sizes. This jean made by Vintage Apparel Company. Designers of the item have made it available for the big body customers. In the modern lifestyle people prefer the jeans to have a gorgeous looking to the onlookers.  You can find it in your nearby retailing shops having only 90 dollars. These big men jeans are available in sizes from 40” to 60”. There are two major colors of the jeans one is black and another is white with black shadow.

Jeans are essential clothing items in the men’s wardrobes. Considering the necessity Mish mash has produced unique jeans items for the big body customers. Designers of the company have released C661XT big men jeans for the big and large guys. These jeans have been featured with four pockets and denim blue color. These big men jeans are available in 42” to 62” waist sizes. You can purchase Mish mash jeans at anywhere having only $40. It is available in the local retailing market and online stores.

Blazer Victor 6198 straight leg big size jeans are available in your local shops. Big body guys prefer the jean for its available sizes in the retailing market. You can find it from 40” to 60” waist size. These highly tailored big men jeans give you live looking to the onlookers. Wearing the jean you can present yourself exclusively on any occasions and parties. In various online shops you can find the blazer victor 6198 straight leg big size jeans. You can also purchase the jean from our online clothing shop. We make sure door to door service within the same business day. You can buy the pants having only 110 dollars.

KAM 100-09 extra long jeans are available in various sizes such as 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 56, and so on. People with the large and fat figure can purchase the big men jeans for their comfortable wearing. These jeans are available in most of the local shops. You also can find it in the online clothing shops like eBay, Big Guys, and Big Shop. Having only 50 dollars you can purchase the pants from our online shops. These jeans feature with the black color and five large pockets.

Finally I hope reviewing the article you will be able purchase the right size big men jeans.


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Life insurance policies can protect your family members from unwanted economic crises. You can offer your dependents economic assurance in your sudden death with the help of life insurance policies. But keep it in mind that you never be imprudent to choose a life insurance policy because all policies cannot bring desire success for you. You have to purchase the proper life insurance policies to meet your demands. And try to avoid some life insurance policies including guaranteed issue, life insurance for children, travel or accident insurance, and universal life insurance. Let’s talk about the negative aspects of these four life insurance policies.

Guaranteed issue:

In the guaranteed issue death benefit is very low but the premiums are so expensive. In this type of insurance you cannot expect more benefit on your monthly or yearly premiums. You don’t have in choices to chance policy and premium rates in the guaranteed issue. Sometimes it seems just waste of time and energy. So, seek for an alternative of the guaranteed policy like senior term life insurance first.

Life insurance for children:

In general life insurance for kids causes just waste of huge amount of money. Thankfully most of the children are born healthy and live for a long time. So, since children don’t have enough income, you don’t really have any reason to insure their lives. So, try to avoid purchasing life insurance policies for your beloved kids.

 Travel and accident insurance:

Purchasing travel or accident life insurance policies doesn’t make any sense. You know there is no assurance of committing accident while you are moving from one place to another. It only causes the waste of time and money. So, try to avoid travel and accident life insurance policy.

Universal life insurance:

Universal life insurance costs more but pays less. Investment in the universal life insurance doesn’t grow because the expenses eat up your interest. So keep you away to purchase a universal life insurance policy.

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This article is for those people who are searching for an alternative of their regular cable TV. In this text I am going to introduce you a new television device named cable TV online. On the cable TV online you can enjoy all genres of TV shows online at the moderate cost. You can save a remarkable amount of monthly payment for regular cable or dish TV with the cable TV online.


Short history of cable TV online:

The cable TV online was first introduced in 1991 in the United States of America as an alternative to the traditional cable television. This emerging technology offers you unlimited TV shows and programs online. Now you are more and more free to enjoy your favorite movies, music, sports, and news. The cable TV online saves both your time and money.


Why cable TV online?

The cable TV online appears on the television market to bring a dynamic change in the TV programs and shows. It may be amazing to you that how a cable TV offers thousands of world-famous and popular TV channels online? Yes, the cable TV online runs on the strong internet connection. You require setting up some essential hardware and software to watch cable TV online.



On the market you find enormous agencies those offer cable TV hardware and software. But you must be careful with the fraud hardware and software to enjoy smooth service of the cable TV online. You should check availability, access, and guarantee of these products to avoid faulty online cable TV setup.





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Search engine optimization is perhaps the most famous Internet promotion theme of the early twenty first century. SEO NZ makes use of the knowledge of the way search engines such as Google and Yahoo construct search outcomes and utilize that information to create a site planned to grade well in those outcomes. Numerous online companies and web pages depend upon SEO as a chief constituent of the internet promotion plans. A indefinite amount of dimensions are employed in search engine algorithms, and site operators have to take into account the most significant, or probable, ones in web page designing.

You or your corporation be able to encompass the most excellent looking webpage in the world, but if nobody visits it, your labors are completely zero. Frequently, populace with awareness in your business will employ a search engine such as Google or Yahoo! to locate the most suitable web pages to see. Since the search engines carry links to pages based in your city, it is vital that the search engine directs the viewer to your webpage. That requirement has seeded a enormous business known as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Given below are a few ways for you to perk up your webpage’s place in the chief search engines and take full advantage of your SEO.

What is meant by SEO; Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a procedure of increasing the quantity and superiority of traffic to a web page via search engines.

Traffic is the source of income for a webpage; if you do not have people seeing your webpage then it is no use in its existence. Directing traffic to a webpage is not complicated, it’s in fact one of the tough component when you own your webpage. But if you be acquainted with way Search Engine Optimization is performed and your webpage has substance that is constructive and appealing, then viwers will visit your webpage.

Our corporation in NZ can assist your webpage increase notice-ability in the search results by employing an effectual, concentrated and reasonably priced search operation.

However search is not the whole thing.

Our corporation assists you perk up your website’s content and organization so that the viewers boast of a superior experience. And ensure your sale procedure is updated to capitalize by converting visitors into customers and the bottom line.

Our corporation focuses in:

  • Usability
  • Search Engine promotion
  • Reputation supervision and Management
  • Conversion follow-up and Optimization
  • Web Analytics
  • Pay Per Click advertising



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Smile Dental

Everybody need and deserve good teeth and since we are exposed to many captivity oriented particles many people do not generally have good teeth and this may be due to the environment that we live and food that we eat and also the sweets and gums that we chew every now and then. The dentists fully understands the needs and expectations of the customers and clients that visit the dental health care’s every now and then to get their teeth done and brought to a perfect shape and well treated.

Smile Dental  is a dental health care that comprise of great, professional and talented dentists and oral therapists that have come together so as to offer their services to the general public and also advise them on how to protect and treat their teeth so as to have good teeth. They are very specialized and have a wide experience when it comes to teeth treatment and people visiting the Smile Dental  should always feel at ease as these highly qualified professionals will cater for your needs in the best way possible. Smile Dental  offers a wide range of services to customers since people have various needs that they need to being taken care of.

Since Smile Dental  is a dental care for professionals, it is highly equipped and fitted with the latest equipment and modern machines that enable the professional dentist to work and produce best results and professional work making them to handle many different problems. They offer a wide variety of services to the customers and they always ensure that each service they offer brings out the best results and that is one of the reasons they remain the best dental health care. Some of the services they offer include:

Implants:  This is refers to where the person receiving the treatment is implanted with some teeth and is also considered as replacements.

Oral surgery is also offered in Smile Dental  where the dentist observes the patient and depending on the situation minor surgery may be done to the patient and treatment offered using the modernized machines and equipments that always keep the results professional.

Treatment of the root canal is also offered at Smile Dental  where the patient is offered the best treatment that involves the canal and also the gums of the teeth where qualified attention is required.

Also small feelings are done in Smile Dental  where they feel the teeth that have got holes in them and this may be caused by the act of chewing sugary materials over a period of time without taking actions of cleaning the teeth thereafter. It is normally advised that one cleans his teeth immediately after chewing the gums and taking of the sweets so as to prevent the sugary particles from sticking in the teeth. Dentist Auckland guarantees the clients and customer s that our services are the best and offers quality of services and treatments and one should not have any doubt when enquiring and receiving our services.

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House cleaning Auckland Company

Homeowners best carpet cleaning choice in Auckland, NZ

For carpet cleaning Auckland residents rely on reliable team members whose services are on all the time. The services should be competitive and their prices the best. Carpet and upholstery needs get lots of home owners wondering who the right service provider considering the many companies coming up in Auckland. However, for all homeowners looking for house cleaning Auckland services, they need to ensure that their companies are absolutely reliable. This is a factor to always consider and it based on different aspects such as, the professionalism of the company. Professionalism comes when the company at hand has the latest technological trends of cleaning. This involves the best machines and equipment. The truth is that carpets in our homes carry with them a lot of residue. Well we assume that vacuuming our carpets clear all dirt and we cannot be more wrong.

Vacuums only get rid of small amounts of dirt and dust but, they leave behind residue which clogs and gives room to germs which leads to actual animals crawling on the carpet. This explains why it is so important to get a company that utilizes high quality level machinery and equipment. They will not only remove dust and dirt, instead, they will clear residue leaving no room for germs and bacteria growth. Their machinery should be well tested to remove that they can work per the instructions. Note that your home carpet could be a different kind of rug that requires more attention while cleaning. This is a recommendation given by manufacturers. In this case, ensure that technicians sent to your apartment have all recommendations well indicated so they follow.

Your house cleaning Auckland service provider should be available all the time you require these services. There are companies that operate 24 /7 and such should be on top list of companies. At least you rest assured you can contact them anytime and get proper services. In this case, homeowners should ensure that the customer service at the desk is absolutely reliable. You need to be well served and every question regarding the services should be well answered. This will include agreement on the time of service delivery. This is the time for you to ask about pricing. Great services at the customer care desk will enhance your motive of working with the company.

Lastly, read reviews about the company. This in times tends to be the last consideration to many people since they feel getting to know, prices and services of the company is apparently enough but the truth is, you need to learn more than just the service from the company. Know the time this company was started and how much it has been recommended by experts and real estate property managers in Auckland.  A recommended Company should with no doubt be the right company to work with. Contact your company today and be assured of the right home carpet cleaning services in Auckland city in New Zealand.


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Plumbing is very important in your home. It is the only way you don’t see water flowing on your floor all the time. At the same time, plumbing services give people a chance to fetch from inside the house other than carry water from long distances to their houses which is pretty tiring. Well today we have motors, pumps and pipes have made that task simpler. However this is a process that requires professionals for installation who ensure there is nothing wrong with the system. Such professionals can be located right here in Auckland city. You can find Plumbers Auckland who not only dwells on residential plumbing but also commercial which is great since you will have both works done by single personnel. Such people after installation will always come by your location to find out the progress of the system since they know such systems at times can be very disappointing. There is nothing as bad as having leaking homes. They not only lead to high water bills but also give room to infections of critical diseases.

Mold building in leaking houses contaminates air in the house and it’s only a matter of time when residents start suffering from respiratory diseases. This is something professional plumbers in Auckland can save you from.  They will come to your apartment and repair the damaged pipes and if they need changing, your professionals will install other pipes and motors if need be. Plumbing services can be required for water heaters, faucets, hydro jetting, toilets and sinks. What is needed to time to analyze the type of professional you are dealing with? You need to know if they are capable of servicing you as you require.

The last thing you want is have plumbing service provider who never comes for inspection. I mean, people are busy nowadays and never find time to inspect their plumbing system due to work. That explains the need to hire professional plumbing service provider who send technicians to your apartment every short while to check if there are leaking pipes and faucets are well installed to service sinks. Such service last a short time when all pipes are in place. However, in the event that the pipes are damaged, the case will be different. They shall have to install other pipes or seal them if damage is not intense.

The right Plumbers Auckland should be able to provide these services 24/7. Water might start leaking in the middle of the night and you at this time cannot wait till morning. Hence, ensure that your service provider can be accessed anytime in cases of emergency. They will get to your apartment and seal the leaking spot at least for the night then wait till morning when they get back to install other pipes. You can access some Plumbers Auckland online. They have website with their services and prices well indicated. They take care of drainage problems and provide hot water solution to their clienteles.


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Muxin: “in life, nothing but lust and loathing. “Desire does not have good things, are gradually after aversion. I thought, “varying phenomena is the source of happiness. “Each treasure what you have, we will find better, develop a sense of happiness.
Perhaps because the distance of the United States, people always think what somebody else is better. As stated in the comics, when the vase is when someone, this person really think vase beautiful, into their own hands but did not work very well. In fact, this is the people’s general characteristics, always things that they do not have a fantasy, thereby creating a desire, for things that already have the fastidious, and disgust.
In the article of the Hill happy, kids envied the city kids in the mountains has bright classrooms, kid eager nature of flowers in the city. People always have the heart of the pursuit of a better, it is also a beautiful heart leads us to love life, and continue to pursue also did not have better.
In fact, comprehensive analysis and rational look at our understanding of the things can be made more thorough. More clear what he really wanted, instead of glamorous surfaces and bothered for the pursuit itself. If people in the comics after careful analysis, you will find artwork and not so beautiful himself is not really love. It is not necessary to actually obtained from the hands of friends, he’d be more in the mood to appreciate the real beauty. Thoreau in Walden said: “if I can’t as most people do in the morning and afternoon to society, that my life, what’s the point? “If life, everyone will see the emptiness of wealth without wealth, can also abandon the powers of evil rather than corruption, also found better and does not erect walls of humanity … … We have, as it’s Calvino, into this earth, Meng Meng of the fog of the morning air to breathe, to gain a deeper understanding of the Earth, to dominate our souls of divinity, rather than a desire to dominate.
“You’re sensational, I inflame wise. “In such a society where less and less rational, we have to remain rational thinking, truly wonderful, but do not be fooled by appearances, the pursuit of aesthetic, which is not only a beautiful vase.
To cherish for life, we can find more good, we can comprehend the true meaning of happiness. “Westernization” seem to think of China in Western society more democratic, young scholar Xiong Peiyun of the country also praised the French respect for history; I think, Chinese culture has also a lot to be proud of, we’re going to find and cherish them. Gu Hongming’s class told students: “let your study of English poetry, for your peace of mind, tolerance of the Chinese spoke as State. “As Chinese, we have to be aware of the superiority of our own culture, treasures and build on them. As an ordinary human being, we should cherish life. Jin Sheng-Tan: “dog days of summer, green sank a watermelon in vermilion, no rapes. “As long as cherish life, bit by bit, all sweet.
Cartoons are art people find it not so fine in General, many people in the Chinese community, not to her satisfaction. In fact, it is more rational to think independently, to discover the beauty in society, to cherish such a fairly harmonious society, she is beautiful.
“The varied phenomena is the source of happiness. “As long as the value of its own, everybody is a beautiful work of art, as long as the value of our unique community, she is a beautiful work of art.
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When the sunset rays scattered in every corner, we sigh, vibrant beautiful sunrise in the morning, how do we not stuck in that moment? Lek Yuen Estate, when the rain patter on the banana leaves, we can’t help but miss that sunny day, when places in my heart, and we can’t help but miss the Misty Rain. Maybe, is not always the most beautiful!
However, do not really is the most beautiful? No, it’s not. Owned, is the most beautiful.
When the vase was in place, and we considered it as rare, extremely fine. But has it, but began to feel worthless. If you accidentally broke it? We may once again began to feel shame, they don’t understand the value of it. Who doesn’t appreciate the moment, was the most pathetic, no one wants to be that “The trees may prefer calm but the wind will not subside., child and parents stay” man! So, if you do not know how to cherish the beauty of things, people learn to treasure forever, will live in your sighs.
When poor red eyes looking pace of Hobbema, Hobbema in the vast grassland, cattle and sheep, are still holding their own Huaben, depicting the beauty of this piece of grasslands. Brutal society would swing the whip on his emaciated body, envy those people he never gained all of the artists. In his eyes, he used the style of painting of Amsterdam is undoubtedly the most beautiful. Finally, he from the village to the top of the Amsterdam community, huibian, and even broke into the National Gallery of London. Even though he left, walked for nearly 200 years, but only because of his perseverance, adhere to their own views, he stands in the art world, have we all admire beautiful.
Xiang as around has a large ring only suddenly found, most beauty of just has been in themselves front of Zhuo Wenjun; nalanrongruo life only live in themselves of memories lamented in the, is ignored has around most beauty of wife, until she died, only reminds and she of points drip drops; William? Butler? Yeats, only due to insisted love with front of she, regardless of wind, regardless of rain, therefore, that article dial brings new of Dang you old has under only still moved with each one readers.
Throughout history, how many people saw through “the most beautiful”, and how many people still stick to their unattainable? Yu said, we will find that efforts to fight for, as fears are often the most precious thing. Because, often right in front of the most beautiful thing. Often because they own don’t think precious. On this occasion, we should have a heart as expansive as sushi, even in adversity, has been able to enjoy and cherish the beauty of.
Pursuit of nothing wrong, but we should not lose sight of the immediate possession of the United States. Wise, who will cherish the moment. I just hope that the next sunset, we can cherish; next hazy Misty Rain, we can cherish. Cherish every moment with beautiful.
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Last night, after reading the after of the emperor penguins of the discipline, my heart can’t be calm once in, shocked more than a few minutes of my heart, and Internet access after you locate information about emperor penguins, is a tidal surge of emotion a thicket, a myriad of thoughts, of scenes in the movie have surfaced from time to time in front of my eyes … …
Film at first, is a vast expanse of glaciers in Antarctica, then caught my eye is the Emperor Penguin-a small head, short neck, fat body, silky and delicate feathers, long pointy beaks and body color combination of white, black and Golden, these are all emperor penguins is all the more sweet. God played a joke on them, however, so the Penguin family members must live in the largest and most beautiful in the cold and desolate Antarctic, emperor penguins are very limited choice of living environment. North of the warm, open ocean contains adequate food, southern cold, snow-covered environment. However in order to protect the newborn chicks from the threat of abrupt climate change, Emperor Penguin family decided to leave the comfort of the North, cold South of the breed. Maybe it is this hostile environment and the difficult choices are highlights of this group of brave spirit and qualities specific to the elves, more touches our heart. In as little as 1.5 hours of film, emperor penguins to show up not just their fearless courage to survive the harsh environment, but they need to breed the next generation show perseverance and tenacity, and that pure and selfless love.
Movies with a male and a female Narrator begins with the emperor penguins first-person narrations full story: Emperor penguins from the warm North Sea view, a penguin, two penguins, a growing number of penguins together into a huge team of spontaneous, full of cold heading south, destination aomoke. Along the way, when you encounter a Blizzard of attacks, emperor penguins are nestled tightly to each other, long troops will form a ball, everyone is buried deep in the head, to stand strong, the strength of the team more likely to overcome harsh natural environment. And those along the fall of Emperor penguins in the open ice and snow on the plateau “OfficeCE” calling, looking for companions, dusk came, the consequence is death. The hazards of travel hundreds of kilometers, penguin species as a slow, so the course was hard and cold, but they are tenacious continues. This only for species breeding and extension of life. So what seems like a weak awkward, vulnerable animals, breed in the from the North to the South in the nine-month journey of their tenacity and courage demonstrated most vividly against the harsh environment.
However, the reach of all aomoke is the beginning, the film called love dating sites here, a pair of penguins started dating love here, along with a number of our point of view is difficult to understand, but belonging to the Emperor Penguin love world of dance and whinny, emperor penguins start courtship ritual, soon they will form a pair of “couples”. After some time, females cut through the thick feathers, bare feet on an “egg”. At this time, females have been exhausted, to come back to the North with energy to feed the baby. Eggs were delicately referred to the father, hatched by the father. When the cold of winter comes aomoke, in a place where average temperatures of-40 °, the male black white frost on all knots in my back, but they still doggedly insist on their own responsibility, as it is a commitment of love, is always a Convention! Long gone are the days when, Emperor Penguin dads already hungry, little emperor penguins have a shell, with curious eyes looked at the white world. Some breakdown at this time, the males have already fell on the snow cold, as if that moment means that this group was born in life there is a heavy weight of … … In fact, human love is so much. Just wait quietly, no gorgeous pictures and vivid rhetoric, however these beautiful and courageous Elf has composed a song in a silent traumatic life song!
Females also did not easy, they once again after a long trek. When the penguins when they finally found the mouth, rushing to jump into that little hole, suddenly shot the emperor penguins are no longer in slow animal, they become an off strings of arrows, swimming in the ocean. However, the rule has always been the law of nature, when the penguins prey on small fish in the ocean accumulate when food, also faces a threat of more powerful animals, so there will always be female lives lost, this is the price of life. Then returns the aomoke of the long journey home, on the other side is a small Penguin hungry waiting for call of duty and the male penguins. Use sound to find their loved ones and children of mothers, we meet is an exciting, yet happiness is always short to be frightening, you leave the male penguins go out foraging, female take care of the kids. Until the chicks grow up, they will return to the North, over and over again throughout the rest of samsara, the circle of life, the great circle!
Closed meditation, life in the harsh environment of Antarctica is a marvel, feeding more of life is a miracle, yet emperor penguins with their perseverance and tenacity to create one miracle after another. Indeed, the emperor penguins all orders done by our admiration for the next generation, our parents as we did then, so is this? Fine to think of it, starting from the day they give birth, and parents not to worry about us all, although there was no emperor penguins as cold environments, but really carry the life difficult, I think this hard and difficult than emperor penguins feed their young. Parents and Emperor penguins, of course, we have the same point, it is all living things have in common, it’s selfless love for children–it was a love from the heart without whitewashing, is a kind of unrequited love, nature’s great love!
So, my dear friends, if you’re immersed in the emperor penguins moved to you, why don’t you just put that experience moved to moved around us, thanks to our own parents. From this moment on, is of age we should bring out the best in human nature, society of grateful parents, cherish life; learn to take responsibility, shoulder life; learn to brave difficult to pay back the community!
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I like comedy actor Chua BEng Huat, this is not because her acting skills and looks, to be honest, both of these things she is mediocre. Move me is her thing, Chua BEng Huat each see people begging on the street, have to give the money. Friends advised her to say, these beggars look poor, in fact many are fake, they are here, home to cover up the small ocean floor, spacious than you live. Chua BEng Huat nodded, understanding. But the next time I meet a beggar, she still paid. Friends ask: why is it silly? She explained that, if this was really a beggar, covered with floor in his family? A compassionate actors may not be able to become masters of performance arts great masters, but commendable compassion, but will make his personality flourished, are viewed with respect and love.
In the late 19th century century Siberia, compassionate small-town residents, often in the dead of night on the ledge outside the room with yogurt, bread and old clothes, for those who escape from exile in December party food, some famous December party, is propped up by food and clothing before they escaped from the cold Siberian. Since nobody knew the name of town residents, many unknown history, their good works, warms cold December party for hungry people, also has warmed our hearts.
Bacon said: “sympathy for the highest ethics and dignity inherent in all virtues. “Montesquieu said:” compassion is kind heart inspired an emotion it reflects. “So, people can not do without compassion, compassion makes a man amiable and respectable, great noble. Poet Du Fu, only wrote Xia “Ann have guangsha do between, large Kinabalu world poor scholars ‘ furniture laughing” as hot of verse, to wear people poet of Laurel; poet GONG Zizhen, issued “fell red not ruthless property, into spring mud more nursing spent” of heart voices, performance out contingent affirmation of Boda mind; surface may wish to cold of Lu Xun Mr, is due to “bow ganwei willing ox” of great of heart, more explicit its thought of deep, moral of noble; and trouble came all the, to killed miners home condolences condolence, shanran tears, Wen Jiabao, the Prime Minister out with truth telling us what “feeling for the people”.
Compassion can also let the world filled with love. After the tsunami disaster in South Asia, the peoples of the world have in your pockets, the Chinese are to be outdone, in a matter of days they donated billions of Yuan in cash and goods. The disaster, as well as an overall review on the global village residents sympathetic, baptism. There is one more thing that we were very moved by, the Vienna new year’s concert this year, in tribute to the victims of the tsunami, plays the most cheerful of the Radeski March was cancelled. Music interruption, the moderator got up, stirring about tsunami disaster refers to contributions to the victims at the moment, and will no longer play the Radeski tonight ‘. It can be said that this is one calendar year to the most human of the Vienna new year’s concert.
A man without compassion, are cold, cruel man; a world without compassion, is the terrible world of indifference. But empathy does not arise spontaneously, compassion also depends on the carefully nurtured and maintenance, sowing the seeds of love in the heart, can grow flowers of sympathy; the whole society to sympathetic applause, screaming, to form a sympathetic environment.
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The first random thoughts: ability to immerse yourself in your heart there are fewer and fewer. My subtext was: increasing lack of spirit and materials keep improving.
In the cities, especially in the big cities, people desire want the material is shockingly. The pursuit is not crazy ambition more than ambition, but, for many people, in my opinion is insatiable. Cause is this evil because they are losers of spiritual life. In other words, some of them have had no choice. After the failure of a certain field according to the modern principles of psychology, and in another he always wants to do something in the field, has done, becomes a tragedy is those who believe, is a scary thing.
Transformation of their behavior or behavior is terrible in itself, but is also poor.
I fail to understand is that in society becomes more developed today, higher standards of living now, where people increasingly high quality now, there is such a tragic fact in my eyes: person to person comparison of material wealth, competition between Nations is material wealth, we have been so used to compare measured by material wealth. I think that is the unfortunate of society as a whole. Matter has an irreplaceable role in daily life, but its role through our series of irrational behavior has been enlarged. People say the material is real. I think as long as people talk about substances are said to be realistic. And for spiritual life, once being referred to, and you will have been preceded by the idealism of the possible. In accordance with the views of people, don’t wait to earn enough money to go to talk about what kind of busy, but don’t dream away your life. This idea is wrong. I’m trying to say is that you make enough material wealth (no spiritual foundation, will never make enough money) we assume that is enough. Then you’ll be with the combination of factors such as time lost because of interest in spiritual pursuit and power. It’s like, let you for ten years and depth of examination-oriented education, and allow you to develop quality, as you know, for most of us, this is like tianfang night Lake.
Random thoughts II: simple man, maybe silly, complex people stupid. We like to think childish and simple link, we are used to complex and together. This is not right.
In this society, we need to deliberate, we need a little more complicated, but because we’re in such a society, we need just a little so you can save.
Random thoughts III: stay up late last night to get through to the coffee coffee to no avail, so today’s sleep is incurable. Turns out, if you to one extreme, then you have swung to the opposite extreme. Degeneration may be for a good man evil is, in turn, was maybe good for a big, bad man. That’s why our best friends will put us two knives: hurt us deeply. That’s why we’ve been lovers may be the man who murdered our: hurt us the most.
So extreme is unable to walk, ordinary, so it is safe.
Four random thoughts (one day diary)
Today, the old class has two classes, the first section, full of power and grandeur topics. Section II, said, our little thing and completed graduation information.
No award-winning series, the ability to see you spin. Self-identified bright said. Bad to hide. Head teacher identification will ask neighbors for help. Their oral, neighbor statements. Asia Super students joke that I’m going to report you, old jokes that you don’t want ticket hybrid? Quiet.
Turn to fill areas of social activity that fake. What values locked in life education, what people feel for the living conditions of the rural reform and opening up, we did not do it. Kim said I do for me at that time. Old blind eye.
Rules, leave. Equivalent to not fill in, what’s the point.
Five random thoughts (one day diary)
Suddenly a lesson tonight, got distracted. Omnic, he says, please do not block the sunlight.
Recent natural and I have been found to have some distance, almost detached. Suddenly awakened sense of survival.
I thought about a philosophical problem.
31 US Sprint, say, 100 metres. We will do our best to come in first. But we don’t know why this has to be, in other words, no real value.
More broadly, our busy day to do a lot of things we do, do not know what the actual value.
Learning, too.
Tsinghua University, you said you wanted to read. Why? For a better future? Said to a large extent, well just you on the future results of Tsinghua University. Are also causes of constituents, but what reason you read Tsinghua? Is your passion? You’re willing to do for you? Every man who is thinking.
Some questions after you figure it out, we would be a lot less pressure.
VI random thoughts:
Everyone is the protagonist in a real thing, even though we sometimes say that life is like a play, it was like.
When entertainment talent show into a second round, 32. I have also created a show about college entrance examination. Also invited to three other students perform. Now more performing strength Jiang Ge has been identified. He said a Word to me to the effect that I was the star they work with me to play.
Show I did was real, real players are the stars of the show, including the audience, less any part is incomplete.
Kim, I would like to say that we are the stars, we have to!
The seventh random thoughts:
Says writer this career I criticized prepared already before, but this is my site, I published my site belongs to me the correct expression.
Generally speaking writers is a service. I do not deny that they have minds of their own, but who do not have the depth of the main thoughts, there is no ability to express their own thoughts.
Along with social progress, very few people have not impressed, ignored. Sharpen in society and the spread of education, and few people without capacity, then ignored.
So, a lot of people are not being a writer because he had no time, they are more conducive to the development of socialism to do more practical things. Writers for their services to make up for their shortcomings.
Writers, but also to make money, but also to eat, is a good life. But their job is to serve others.
Yu is a service, Zhou Guoping is a service, all claiming to be independent of the writer is wrong. As soon as you put your thoughts made public have an impact and you is a service.
Intoxicated by their ideas are missing their own writers, strictly speaking, they could not be called a writer, the writer, in my opinion, is of a commercial nature.
On this issue, was last night, last night I was thinking a lot, even today, many valuable has been forgotten. Hope someday in the future a more mature view.
I mean, if a society is a writer of social development.
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At the end of our life path, I wish solemnly to thank a friend, he is a setback. In every one of my experience, he always appears so much, so unexpected. Again and again you appear more the idea of trying to get rid of you.


Remember that we met


At that time, I was still a baby, but that is, at that time, I met you.


When I was learning to ride a bicycle, skinny I was sitting in the car seat, toes just to reach the pedals. Initially, after his father in the back to hold the seat, holding the car’s overall balance, and I sit on it run and drive, non-pedal foot pedal, pedal, pedal, proud smile on his face, occasionally waved to acquaintances along the way to say hello. But soon, his father secretly loosened the hands, he tried to get me to ride, and I always put him down immediately fell to the ground, once, twice, three times … … I don’t know how many times fell, just broke my arm is broken, bleeding, the father was no longer taught me. However, I’m willing to give up, so I’m starting a practice finally fall learned countless times, I made it. Now, I can hand off steering wheel, you can still control your bicycle well. However, is that at the time, I know you’re subverts.


So, when I met you, I was so awkward.


Thank you all the way


Ever since the first time I met you, you seem to have never left, you won’t know how much I hate you.


After you entered the campus, life becomes very different. Endless courses every day, people say maths, boys ‘ perception is higher, faster, better. And I feel that I am the exception, my maths is always stable in 30-50 minutes. There was a time I learn math, give yourself lots of papers to do every day, life is mathematics flooded, eat at the back of the formula, theorem walked back and even sleep sleep back some justice, but is still to remain stable. In that time, I was so tired of you, but your name is in the ear every day seem to linger. To graduate, I still live in your shadow.


In the days with you, I was like a thousand helpless, and hate you.


Treasure your years of familiar


For 18 years, and I spend it with you to a friend for more than 10 years, has also been known to each other.


Now, I feel no hate you, but I’m glad your companionship, to you, I now have more of a grateful. If it wasn’t for you, I might not insist on that I can’t ride a bike now; if it weren’t for you, I may now learn work, thus doing nothing if not you, perhaps I will learn self-reliance is still greenhouse flowers … …


You taught me a lot of things, let me step by step to mature, I am also full of gratitude to you.


Gradually, I realized: I’m in love with your frequent, fell in love with you suddenly appeared and I chuckled again under an oath: to you in this lifetime, not far from successful, be grateful.


Friends, you really make me happy make me sad. Thank you for letting me grow up over and over again, because you exist, I can now very brave ground most of your life, no matter how much strength you have, I can still beat you. Thank you, setbacks, my friend!
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People’s lives are impossible to avoid grief, if you rest assured the end of sorrow, eventually you’ll have troubles alone, if you tell someone you trust that sorrow, perhaps he can share half of you unhappy, to sorrow into the Vortex you lend a warm strong hands, you pulled out. Sorrow of life doesn’t have to be happy, this happy if you think good friends to share, “independence Lele, rather than fun. “You will get two happy.


Is a beautiful afternoon, the bell rang, campus filled with laughter and. …. And something broke, I ease the mood about it for me was a bolt from the “I enjoy sunrise on the peak, has fallen through the floor. “The bell rang I was planning to go to the last WC unfortunately, classmates asked me to go to the teacher’s Office, my heart was shocked, any thought, teachers generally will not find me this time! Forget it, knew it! before you know it I’ve come into the Office, knocked, heard “Please come in. “I opened the door, saluted and, walking to the House. I went to the teachers looked, teacher Yin the face, something to make her mad, “like a volcano erupt,” I carefully asked, “teacher, I found something? “Teachers look at my innocent eyes, sighed and said:” the XX how can you · · · · · You can not write a job then · · · · Lie to me · · · Amount of eh-hem. No! Is there a reason? “Teacher with a disappointed look I doubt, wishing I could give an explanation right now. I froze, but quickly thought the same when I am done? I just forgot to take his exercise book today? Strange? I immediately said to the teacher: “the teacher I think you misunderstood, I really didn’t, teachers ask you to believe me, I’m really · · · · · ·” I said more and more anxious, and when the bell rang. The teacher interrupted me saying: “XX before you go to class! After school! “The teacher saw the way my teacher looked at me like a tired pair of. I bear with eyes and tears of the spin does not stay on. Said teacher goodbye and left. The PE lesson, free, I sat in a forgotten corner, gently sob, just dialogue teacher disappointed eyes in my head like a movie playback · · · · Just then, my friends–Meng Chen, and quietly sitting next to me said to me: ”XX, why don’t you go play? It’s not like you! ” I know that’s words made me laugh, but I could not open my mouth. Small words and he said to me: “what’s wrong! If you trust me, just tell me! Say I feel better! “Little language a look of concern. I wantonly let tears shed and vague says the entire process. Little language listening to angry Flash fist said: “I believe in you! Okay! After school we’re going to talk to us, will help you to find ‘ behind ‘. Don’t cry! ‘ Ten young smiled, ‘ I wish you more years of youth! Crying on the old “small language a look of helplessness that I laugh! She also did a lot of weird action makes me laughing. I thought to have such a friend is really good! She shared, I feel so much better! After school, she accompanied me to the Office, with the help of the companion and friend, the teacher finally identified two of the students competition deputy squad leader and I lost, also apologized to me! Anyway, I have very good mood may be innocent, but I think the biggest reason is I realised that talk to be troubled, can make you have a better mood, to solve this thing! I was sitting on the balcony watching the night sky, the sky is more black than blue, but there was a twinkle, Twinkle, shining star, jade plate-like moon. Street lamps for home lighting. Soft light, everything closed his eyes. Wind as lightning-like whizzing, surrounded by clouds to crumble. Leaving only the trees dance in the sand and splashed in yarn. Stream Ding Ding Dong Dong song, as if playing the worldly sounds. Moon and stars playing, can only hide in the Sun gone in head in the clouds.


At one point, I hand the game, results that day, I confidently to the bulletin column, find where the published results, why didn’t look down to find the first name I found! Second, I am happy, because the school only grade 3 and grade, finalists only prevailed in the third grade, just me and the class President to participate in six grades, good fun! I find classmates—-little language, shared with her, she said


He’s successful and happy for me, because she has seen me work! I was so happy, I’m happy to share with her!


Shared joy, sorrow talk, an indispensable partner, everyone should have a shared joy, sorrow talk partners.